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Thank you for visiting our website. Here you will find some of the best training available for you to learn Snagit for Mac.

This training will teach you all the fundamentals of Snagit for Mac and help you get started creating incredible screen captures.

Included are the basics such as the Editor, Tools, and Effects. Also, some more advanced features are discussed including: iOS Mock Up and Watermarks.

We are excited to have this training available in 2 different formats: as an interactive book that is offered as an iBook and therefore can be viewed on the iPad and, as a downloadable Interactive PDF file. With the PDF file, you will be able to view it on almost any device, at any time.

This interactive book comes with 14 videos which includes almost an hour of screencasting training. Click on the accordion panel on the right side of the webpage to see all the different chapters and sections that can be found in the book.

You will be hard pressed to find any other training that is filled with so much information for such a great price!

We know you will enjoy the training and please let us know if you have any feedback. Also, if there are any other tutorials you need and don't see in the training, please let us know.

Sample video:
Drag & Drop from Snagit

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Click below to see contents of each module
* Introduction
* Editor
* Tools
* Effects
* Capture Options
* Capturing Options
* Capturing Web Pages
* Capturing Multiple Areas
* Capturing Scrolling Windows
* Share
* File Formats
* Drag & Drop
* iOS Mock Up (Stamps)
* Watermark

This eBook originated from part of the screencast training that is available on ScreenCastHelp.com This membership site provides screencast training for many industry standard applications including:

  * Camtasia for Mac
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  * Snagit for Mac
  * Snagit for Windows
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Camtasia for Mac

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